Our Outreach Ministries

Our main outreach ministries are the United Thank Offering (UTO), Memorial Scholarship Fund (MSF), the Church Periodical Club (CPC), and The Bishop John Bryson Chane Scholarship for Social Justice. The ECW-EDOW Board has coordinators for each who are responsible for receiving, managing and distributing donations through scholarships and/or grants.

United Thank Offering (UTO)

The United Thank Offering “UTO” is a way of giving thanks to God who bestows daily blessings. It is a way of showing gratitude for all the blessings of this life, just for being alive, and sometimes for tremendous life-changing experiences.

One can give thanks by dropping coins each day into the Blue UTO Box. Many people keep the box in plain sight as a reminder to quicken their awareness of daily blessings. Each year individual offerings are united in great thanks, and then assigned to grant requests from all over the world. These grants enhance mission and ministry and alleviate compelling human needs.

UTO is an integral arm of the mission work of the Episcopal Church. A parish United Thank Offering Ingathering should be held twice a year, if possible near Ascension Day in the Spring, and All Saint’s Day in the Fall. Some parishes celebrate these ingatherings during a service and use an Alms Basin for the collection and the stole for the priest. These items maybe borrowed from the ECW office upon request. UTO materials, such as the blue offering boxes, envelopes, handbooks, etc., may be ordered online here at minimal or no cost.

Donations for the United Thank Offering (UTO) are received throughout the year from Parish "Ingatherings" which are usually held twice a year. All monies received are forwarded to the National UTO for UTO grant awards. UTO Grant Applications are made available after October 1st yearly and are due on the second Friday in December. For additional information and/or to request specific UTO training, please contact Rosamond Daniels, UTO Coordinator, at (301) 879-8194 or email her at rosamondmd47@gmail.com.

Church Periodical Club (CPC)

The Church Periodical Club is an independent, affiliated organization of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church. Its work is dedicated to the worldwide ministry of the Printed Word and to the promotion of Christian ministry.

Church Periodical Club was founded about one hundred years ago by Mary Jane Fargo in order to provide enrichment for lonely missionaries on the frontier. The “CPC” is still operating on the frontiers of faith as it provides printed and audiovisual materials to isolated populations all over the world. Thus, the needs of seminarians and shut-ins are met everywhere.

The National Book Fund report prepared by a Diocesan Director may be requested by parishes. The report may be utilized for parish bulletin boards and newsletters.

On CPC Sunday (first Sunday in October), the Church Periodical Club prayer should be used.

Donations to the Church Periodical Club (CPC) should be sent to the ECWDOW office. Questions and requests for additional information including applications for the National Book Fund or for Miles of Pennies should be directed to Angela D. Atkins, CPC Coordinator at (202) 652-8060 or email her at ecw@ecw-edow.org.

Memorial Scholarship Fund (MSF)

The Memorial Scholarship Fund of the Diocese of Washington was established in 1925. “MSF” is one of the major efforts in place to assist women in receiving additional education for their careers in Christian ministries. Contributions are made by parishes in memory of their deceased women.

Many parishioners are now beginning to think of MSF as a unique way of expressing one’s gratitude for the good life that God has granted. MSF is also one way to commemorate those who have left us. Some parishes have designated the Memorial Scholarship Fund in their budgets as a special line item.

MSF grants are made for post graduate degrees to lay and ordained women involved in fields of Christian endeavors.

Donations to the Memorial Scholarship Fund (MSF) should be made using a form which can be downloaded here. Completed forms should be returned to the ECWDOW office by the date indicated. The scholarship application forms can be downloaded here. The deadline for submitting scholarship applications is May 31st every year. Completed applications should be returned to the ECWDOW office. For additional information, please contact Eulalia Smith, MSF Custodian at (202) 526-3477 or email her at ecw@ecw-edow.org.

The Bishop John Bryson Chane Scholarship for Social Justice

The Bishop John Bryson Chane Scholarship for Social Justice was established by the ECW Board in 2011 in honor of the work of Bishop John Bryson Chane. Grants are awarded yearly to graduating seniors in the Diocese of Washington who have an interest in social justice.

Students must be active members of an Episcopal church within one of the eight regions of the Diocese of Washington, demonstrate a commitment to social justice, have plans to attend college the fall after their graduation, and submit an application describing their interest.

The application may be downloaded here and must be submitted by April 10, 2017 to be considered for this year. Donations may be made to benefit the Bishop John Bryson Chane Scholarship. To make a donation or express interest in applying for the Scholarship, please contact Carol Tyrance Graves at ecw@ecw-edow.org.